Feb 1, 2024


St. Brigid also known as “Mary of the Gael” is patroness of Ireland. She was inspired by the teachings of St.Patrick and was founder of the first Irish monastery in County Kildare, Ireland. Born in Dundalk in 450 AD.

When her father (an old pagan chieftain) lay delirious on his deathbed in Kildare Brigid came to his bedside to calm his restless spirit. Brigid is said to have sat by his bed, consoling and calming him and it is here that she picked some rushes from the floor and began weaving them into a distinctive cross pattern. Whilst she weaved, she explained the meaning of the cross to the sick chieftain and it is thought her calming words brought peace to his soul. He was so impressed by her words that the old chieftain requested he be baptized as a Christian just before he died.