Oct 31, 2020



The Gaelic name for Halloween is Samhain. Samhain signified the end of Summer and the commencement of the Celtic New Year and has been celebrated here in West Limerick since Pre Christian times.


The origin of Halloween was here in Ireland. Later Irish Emigrants spread a message to the USA, Europe and across the globe.


In years gone by, by Halloween most of the harvest would have been completed in Rural Ireland. At Glenview Lodge the haybarn would have been full and potatoes dug. A turnip would be hollowed out and a candle placed inside. (Pumpkins later replaced the turnip when the tradition spread to the USA).


The Celts divided the year into two halves, the dark half from Samhain to Bealtaine (May) and the light year from Bealtaine to Samhain.


Halloween is was always celebrated by the children. The fairies will be busy on the Glenview Lodge Fairy Trail. Apples are still picked from the orchard in Glenview for snap apple and Twomey’s Bakery and Brudair’s Bakery barmbrack from Dromcollogher are purchased at Moloneys Foodstore in Broadford Village together with the traditional monkey nuts.


We celebrate the Christian Feast of All Saints and the Christian Feast of All Souls but we will also remember the origin of Halloween.


Halloween will be different this year. Have a Happy Halloween at home and we look forward to opening Glenview Lodge again in 2021 to welcome back friends new and old.

West Limerick Halloween

Happy Halloween from West Limerick