Jun 7, 2022


Environment Policy of Glenview Lodge/Our Biodiversity Actions.

We endeavour to help the future economic growth and sustainable development of our Community, Environment and Heritage.

Our following actions help to minimize our footfall on the environment.

  1. We purchase our electricity from Airtricity. This electricity is generated in Ireland from wind energy.
  2. Cardboard packing, newspapers, magazines, glass cans, plastic bottle and used light bulbs are collected for recycling.
  3. All radiators have thermostatic valves.
  4. All heating and electrical equipment are serviced and maintained annually.
  5. All light bulbs are low energy LED.
  6. Firewood in starter pack for stove is sourced from trimmed and fallen trees on the farm.
  7. The water in the lodge is from our own well.
  8. Our breakfast hamper is as much as possible produce sourced locally thus reducing food miles.
  9. Our wild areas in the farm are managed for wildlife. We retain our native hedgerows allowing flowers in spring and berries in autumn together with a good variety of trees. These areas provide food and shelter for birds and bees and other wildlife. The pollinators are not forgotten as well as the fairies in our fairy trail. We contribute to an overall sustainability strategy.
  10. We provide refillable soap providers in our guest bathrooms.
  11. We support environmentally sustainable tourism by encouraging guests to use the local Broadford Ashford Walking Trails and the Limerick Greenway for walking and cycling and we provide maps for guests.
  12. We provide reusable cleaning cloths.
  13. When electrical appliances are being replaced they are replaced with A Rated Appliances.

We encourage guests to assist our efforts.

  1. Try not to run water unnecessarily.
  2. Turn off all lights, electrical equipment when leaving rooms and the house.
  3. Segregate rubbish in bins provided.
  4. Explore local area. We are available to give further information based on our own local knowledge.
  5. Shop locally in Broadford and visit local markets.
  6. There are E.V. charges at Tesco and Garvey’s Supermarkets in Newcastle West.
  7. We encourage guests to collect kippings among the trees for to use as kindling.

Enjoy your holiday.

Caring for the environment
Caring for the environment